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See how these pages show the use of bold colors, drop shadows and page balance. Examples employ the use of JSP, CSS, HTML5, JS and jQuery running on Apache with an Oracle 11gR2 back end.

A Page to handle your contacts, selected contacts on the left can be assigned to the groups on the right.
Event information is gathered, title and description for use later. Different personas can be selected (select list)
The home page shows all of the outgoing and incoming communications with your contacts. Several notifiers and mouse overs turns this page into a dashboard that has come alive.
What good is getting together without other people? This page is used for inviting others. Features scrolling css tables with offset colors that POP.
A form to enter your location or pull up past locations and add them to the event.
A dynamic login page with an intro video and responsive links mid page which change the graphics per click on each link in-page.
Users can manage their account information, adding specific locations as well as setting an additional security phrase and change their password.
A Page to review the choices so far. Another example of css styled tables with scrolling.
A settings page wich includes jQuery date pickers and utilizing the same style as the rest of the site.
A form utilizing jQuery date pickers to choose date and times for when to meet with your contacts.
A tutorial page utilizing jQuery Accordion with how to videos.
An admin page with multiple frames and a different them which only the admins see to offset what portion of the site is being accessed.
Example of the jQuery date pickers in action. Notice it shows the time selection as well.
Example of how multiple panels in a single page can be presented. The user can click on the down arrow to see the remaining information.

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