iOS Projects

Various iOS Projects that I have been working on to keep the juices flowing. None of these have made it to the App Store yet.

They are up on GitHub: My GitHub Repositories

Here is a sample RPG game called RpgGame



Here is a sample shopping app called StacksVilleShopping



Here is one of them called RetroCalculator

 IOS-RetroCalculator-1 IOS-RetroCalculator-2

Here is an app called Multiples. The user enters a number in the UITextField then pressed the Play button. Then the following screen presents the user with an Add button. When the Add button is pressed the number entered is added to the subtotal. This app features techniques such as disabling the play button until a number is entered.


Here is an app called BoxHiders. The user can click the colored buttons to hide the corresponding boxes. The user can then unhide the boxes using the same buttons.

IOS-BoxHiders1 IOS-BoxHiders2 IOS-BoxHiders3 IOS-BoxHiders4 IOS-BoxHiders5