In 2000 I was programming mainly in PL/SQL and I was constantly being interrupted  coding to stop and create test files for programs. I took it upon myself to build a tool on my own time that would fill this need. I quickly realized that there were no free or off-the-shelf programs to do what I wanted. Since necessity is the mother of invention , I decided to use my SQL and PL/SQL skills to create a tool to produce pseudo random data at a vastly accelerated rate. It was written entirely in PL/SQL and SQL for Oracle (So yes it was not completely platform agnostic).

Later on as I mastered Java I created a full blown GUI and custom XML based tag language to build the basis for a plugin type application. Person A could give me the specs for one type of file (Address book entries for example) and Person B could give me the specs for a cook book etc. Then I needed to write custom tags for the different specs and the program did the rest.

Crazy Quickies SQL

Prompt showing how to interact with the Quickie
Quickie results

Here are the contents of the sql file which can be customized, limited only by your imagination…and SQL Syntax 😉 that is.

Contents of FindColumns Quickie
FindingColumns via CrazyQuickies

DBA’s here is another Quickie that comes in quite handy. I set this up to help me see when we have locking SQL.

Quick for finding SQL Locks
CrazyQuickie for SQL Locks.